HAIvia Dashboard

The HAIvia Bottomline

Efficiently access information that reduces HAIs and ultimately saves lives. Fewer HAIs leads to lower malpractice risk, lower reimbursement penalties, and higher cost savings. Visit Why HAIvia for more.

HAIvia Overview

With HAIvia make informed decisions to lower healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates, better train environmental services personnel and manage facilities, and increase revenue. The HAIvia family of products captures and integrates your business information such as inspection reports, employee performance, inventory, and facilities management with data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a visual infection prevention Dashboard. The environmental services world is full of overwhelming data from both governmental and internal sources. HAIvia Dashboard efficiently decodes this information for optimal infection prevention and patient safety by managing and analyzing the cleaning environment. Infection prevention decision support has never been easier.

"HAIvia" Explained

We borrowed the HAI (healthcare-associated infections) term and combined it with "via" for "visual analysis" as HAIvia presents critical decision support information visually allowing healthcare and environmental services personnel to easily and quickly analyze data and spot trends for the best possible patient outcomes and cost savings.


Monitor, Manage and Analyze your Environment with HAIvia

See your facilities HAI rates, and HAC and HCAHPS scores. With human  resource integration, view the training status and CDC inspection audits of your cleaning professionals. With integrated housekeeper task and space management, see task lists and utilization rates at a glance.

Set your own specific thresholds for HAI rates, quality inspections and more and quickly spot issues with color-coded warnings. Compare your  facility to system level performance.

Calculate your savings by using HAIvia’ s infection reduction ROI cost savings calculator.

Spot trends in infection patterns, manage housekeeper tasks, and assign staff to training for corrective action for improved infection prevention and reimbursements. With better facilities and inventory monitoring, experience  increased efficiencies.


Monitor CMS SIR Data, Identify Savings & Avoid Penalties

Better understand your CMS scoring and penalty influencers. Use the ROI tool to identify potential savings from reduced infections. Dynamically explore scenarios using your facilities’ actual data and reduction targets. 

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Capture and Entrust Auditable Infection Prevention Tasks

Audits can lead to unexpected costs when not properly tracked. HAIvia can manage staff quality audits, disinfection events, and other ledger-enabled transactions to spotlight areas for improvement.

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Access and Manage Staff HAI Prevention Competencies

With integrated learning featured in your HAIvia Dashboard, reduce costs with proactive learning enrollment and corrective action planning to improve infection prevention knowledge through an online learning system.

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Manage Environmental Services-Housekeeper Tasks

Manage environmental services tasks within a visual floor plan environment. Easily deliver tasks and facility information to your housekeeping workers.

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Manage Room Disinfection Activity and Assets

HAIvia can help manage infection preventing activities and assets associated with patient and operating rooms. Also, manage staff scheduling and space planning with HAIvia.

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Integrate Purchasing & Inventory Data

Purchasing and inventory data can be integrated with the Dashboard for quick access to part numbers, Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS), manufacturer details, and more.

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The HAIvia Interface

The Dashboard presents visual and numeric summaries of information about selected hospital or facility units. This includes HAI standardized infection ratios, HCAHPS/HAC scores, departmental data, and more. A familiar navigation tree allows users to easily view staff reporting structure and select a specific facility to monitor its key performance indicators (KPI).


Illustration: The Unit Reporting Structure Tree and the summary view of unit performance.


Illustration: When a unit is selected, the tile view shows key metrics with color-coding for quick reference. You can select tiles to drill down into more detailed information. The green tiles represent acceptable performance and red tiles represent unacceptable performance based on your threshold settings.

Mobile Forms Integration into the Dashboard

HAIvia Mobile can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data entry errors by automating task-related forms and reporting. Combining HAIvia Mobile with HAIvia Dashboard offers detailed analysis of the data providing actionable information to help in your fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and increase your Medicare Value-Based Purchasing incentive payments and insurance reimbursements. HAIvia Mobile practically eliminates the need for application training by using a familiar touchscreen interface with a variety of data entry tools. Use standard CDC inspection forms or design your own, enabling the capture of data most valuable to your organization in the fight against Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs).


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