Comprehensive Data Analysis of Infections in US Hospitals for Sales Prospecting

“use ROI tools and your prospects’ own data to show potential savings for their infection prevention investments”

Harness your prospects’ infection related data in our comprehensive data visualization platform to help them make informed decisions that lower infection rates and increase their bottom line. Through HAIvia’s consolidated, visual intelligence, a look at each hospital’s reimbursement penalty risks, infection rtes, and trends. The HAIvia family of products captures and integrates infection data from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and creates a visual infection prevention Dashboard with all CMS infection data in one place. New views and modeling of the data in a single tool provides insight you won’t find from CMS downloads. Use the ROI tool to identify potential savings from reducing each specific type of infection. Can your disinfection product or platform outperform currently used products? Sit down with your prospects and dynamically explore “what if” scenarios using each facility’s actual data. By visually analyzing the entire infection prevention government required information with HAIvia, infection prevention business development has never been easier. Download a datasheet.


With HAIvia, click on any tile for a detailed breakdown and visualization of the data. Turn that data into action with color-coded alerts based on your prospects’ parameters. A key HAIvia feature lets you perform an ROI analysis based on improving each specific infection rate.

Opportunity Search and Analysis At your Fingertips with HAIvia


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