Automated Proficiency Testing with Learning Management System Integration

Executives and environmental services managers at a large healthcare management company quickly saw the value of HAIvia Dashboard’s integrated learning management system (LMS). While the dashboard presents valuable information such as CDC infection rates and trends, our customer quickly discovered the tremendous power of integrating proficiency testing for it’s environmental services management. This "quick hit" benefit allowed the company to test its staff’s initial competency, target retraining based on performance and set periodic reevaluation.

HAIvia Dashboard provides automatic assignment and corrective action training.How it Works

With the integration of human resources and a learning management system in the dashboard, users can launch a series of competency courses directly from the dashboard to determine their proficiency. Those failing in certain areas can be automatically assigned to a refresher course for the appropriate topic. The cycle can begin again with periodic testing such as an annual exam to help maintain a high level of understanding and compliance to infection control standards. Additionally, the LMS reporting is tightly integrated so managers can view training progress and generate custom reports.

The Benefits

With the dashboard, testing is easily standardized across all units and easily administered. Employees can access the learning management system directly from the dashboard on their own schedule and scoring and feedback is instantaneous. Learning professionals can easily run reports and analyze which areas employees are having difficulty with and thereby improve training material and processes for those areas. Better training means improved patient safety and value-based purchasing revenue.

HAIvia Dashboard provides a easy to view and understand training assignment screens.Where Can the Solution Go?

Surface cleaning in hospitals plays a key role in infection prevention. With patient room inspection data (aka the CDC Checklist) integrated in the dashboard through our mobile forms product, environmental services employees failing a set percent of inspections can be automatically launched into the LMS and required to pass further online course work. Course work can be traditional online learning or video based, all launched from the dashboard.

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