Comparison of Disinfectants

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Feature     Quaternary Ammonium Compounds    Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide   Quaternary Alcohols Peracetic Acid (PAA)   Bleach   Phenolics   
Speed 3-10 minutes 1-5 Minute Dwell 2-5 Minutes 2-5 minutes 1-10 minutes 10 minutes
EPA Toxicity Caution Caution Safest possible Caution/Warning/Danger Caution
Danger Warning Danger
Health Effects Dermatitis and nasal irritation None Nasal irritation. Can burn skin and irritate eyes, flammable None Corrosive to eyes and respiratory irritant Corrosive to eyes and skin
Protective Equipment PPE,Proper ventilation None PPE,Increased Ventilation PPE at concentrate, gloves/ventilation required at dilution PPE,Increased Ventilation PPE,Increased Ventilation
Odor Mild Mild Strong Pungent Vinegar
Strong Mild
Compatibility with Cleaning Tools Quat binding may impair performance Excellent Damages over time - reduces life Good Damages over time - reduces life Good
Compatibility with Surfaces Good Good May damage Good May damage May damage
Favorable Environmental Profile No Yes No Yes No No
Pre-Cleaning Needed No-one-step disinfectant cleaner No-one-step disinfectant cleaner Yes No-one-step disinfectant cleaner Yes No-one-step disinfectant cleaner