Manage Environmental Services Tasks

Managing ES Tasks with HAIvia Space and Maintenance Management

HAIvia Space and ES features an easy-to-use platform for sharing and managing housekeeper tasks within a visual floor plan environment. HAIvia S&ES lets you automate the creation, processing and closing of work requests/work orders. It delivers housekeeper facility information via a simple and intuitive browser interface through your organization’s intranet, corporate network, or the internet via a web server or our mobile application. HAIvia S&ES Management includes everything you need to deploy a robust web application for viewing your intelligent facilities drawings, room assets, duty lists and other data, and reports. It is easy to learn and use and is powered by EvolveFM™ a commercial application managing over 125M square feet of facilities.

More about Evolve

The Evolve operations module is built to drape over your existing processes in order to minimize the disruption that implementing a new system can cause. Evolve lets you automate the creation, processing and closing of work requests/work orders; that said, some organizations want more manual control over the work process. Evolve accommodates either preference. The Evolve Operations module is flexible enough to let you work the way you want to work, and not get in the way of getting your work done.

Learn More About Space and Maintenance Management with HAIvia

HAIvia can effectively help you manage your hospital or medical facility physical space by incorporating your computer-aided design (CAD) drawing files and environmental services information into the solution.

Our integrated solution allows you to assign space classes which can be used for infection prevention analysis, reimbursement, cleaning management, and asset and inventory management as well as help you manage the underground lifeline to your facility. Integration of infection disinfectant system data can provide you with actionable infection prevention. Additionally, maintenance management can be include to optimize your maintenance processes. HAIvia S&ES Manangement can automate the creation, processing and closing of maintenance work requests/work orders. »More