Managing Space, Activity, and Maintenance with HAIvia

HAIvia can effectively help you manage your hospital and medical facility physical space by incorporating your computer-aided design (CAD) drawing files and environmental services information into the HAIvia/CAFM solution. Integrating partner software from Simple Solutions FM, CAFM Resources and UndergroundGIS, our integration solution allows you to assign space classes which can be used for infection prevention analysis, reimbursement, cleaning management, and asset and inventory management as well as help you manage the underground lifeline to your facility. Integration of disinfectant system data can provide you with actionable infection prevention. This data, collected from UV disinfection and vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection equipment, can assist you with decisions on how the equipment should be used and where infection problems are manifesting. Our integration services can transform the space management data into a visual, interactive tool to guide decision makers with the HAIvia Dashboard.


Many Benefits of Computer Aided Space Management


With the system deployed, your teams can:

  • Assign rooms to space classes and automate the calculating of room type area totals.
  • Assign and manage teams to perform cleaning and other services.
  • Manage cleaning inventory and assign them to specific rooms for easy review and automated order management.
  • Manage cleaning inventory and assign them to specific rooms for easy review and automated order management.
  • Submit maintenance work orders through standard and mobile email notifications.
  • Assign rooms to managers.
  • Easily color code room type classifications for custom configurations for your reviewing needs.
  • Work on standard browser applications.

Incorporating your Hospital Floor Plans into HAIvia Spaces

Our professional services and software can import your existing AutoCAD drawing files into a system specifically design for the management of hospital physical spaces. We can work with your existing CAD Drawing files (DWG or DWF) and prepare them for area calculations and assignments.

Use the simple color coded room classification to identify your hospital square footage usage by room types. This helps in realizing optimal Medicare reimbursement and better manages inventory for ordering purposes.

You can easily generate graphical reports to identify how much space is used for a room’s allocating budget.

Assign Space Classes

Easily assign spaces to space classes to determine square footage usage for reimbursement, team assignments, and asset management.


Easily Identify Spaces

Easily identify specific room types with predefined selection themes. Here all public restrooms are visible for easy selection, assignments, and scheduling of work orders.

Assign Inventory to Rooms

Identify storage rooms and assign inventory with the rooms using our mobile applications.


Plan Evacuation Routes

Plan evacuation routes. Easily update these for maximum safety and print and post.


Maintenance Management with HAIvia

With our integration of CAFM's Evolve platform simplify your maintenance management. Evolve FM Operations & Maintenance module has been designed to assist a maintenance department with their primary responsibilities:

Fix things that need repair, prevent things from breaking.

How you implement the tools should reflect the way your maintenance department operates. Whether your organization prefers an automated based system that gets a service request into the hands of a technician automatically, or a more manual system where Call Center personnel or supervisors make decisions about when and who handles a particular work order, Evolve FM Operations & Maintenance is a great fit.


HAIvia Spaces and Other Integrations

Inventory Management

Using mobile devices, hospital staff can scan storage room inventory into the HAIvia Spaces modules allowing for optimal planning and automated inventory ordering. Save time and money with mobile devices.

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HAIVia Mobile

HAIvia Mobile can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data entry errors by automating task-related forms and reporting. Various data forms can be integrated into space management.

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