Why HAIvia?

Efficiently access information that reduces HAIs and ultimately saves lives. Fewer HAIs leads to lower malpractice risk, lower reimbursement penalties, and higher cost savings.


HAIvia Dashboard provides a quick overview of hospital metrics for easy visualization of critical indicators.

Make informed decisions to lower healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates with HAIvia. With the consolidated, visual intelligence HAIvia provides, reduce reimbursement penalty risks, readmission costs, and litigation risks while improving patient outcomes. The HAIvia family of products captures and integrates your business information such as inspection audits, disinfectant events, employee performance, and room activity and assets with data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This creates a visual infection prevention Dashboard with all your infection prevention data in one place.

Examples of knowledge HAIvia can generate include detection of employees who need training with automatic assignment of the training and identification of potential savings from the HAIvia ROI tool.

By managing and visually analyzing the entire infection prevention ecosystem with HAIvia, infection prevention decision support has never been easier. Learn about the HAIvia Dashboard.


HAIvia Dashboard

The HAIvia Dashboard presents visual and numeric summaries of information about selected hospital or facility units. This includes HAI standardized infection ratios, HCAHPS/HAC scores, departmental data, and more. A familiar navigation tree allows users to easily view staff reporting structure and select a specific facility to monitor their key performance indicators (KPI). Add integrated online training and decision makers can reduce costs through corrective learning assignment. Not only can key personnel see their employees' learning history, they can also track such things as quality assessments and reviews. Tying quality assessments with our learning system allows managers to easily, and often automatically, assign employees to needed courses.  

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HAC Predictor & ROI Tool

Easily perform what-if scenarios to understand the cost savings hospitals can realize when implementing HAI Risk Reduction solutions and practices.  We use actual CMS data used in determining reimbursement reductions and apply analytics to identify cost savings you'd realize.

It's simple and straight forward providing intuitive insight on the cost savings you'd realize with HAI Risk reduction efforts.  Easily perform what-if scenarios based on expected infection reduction rates and see the savings you'd experience.

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HAIvia Mobile

HAIvia Mobile can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data entry errors by automating task-related forms and reporting. Combining HAIvia Mobile with HAIvia Dashboard offers detailed analysis of the data providing actionable information to help in your fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and increase your Medicare Value-Based Purchasing incentive payments and insurance reimbursements. HAIvia Mobile practically eliminates the need for application training by using a familiar touchscreen interface with a variety of data entry tools. Use standard CDC inspection forms or design your own, enabling the capture of data most valuable to your organization in the fight against Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs).

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What People Are Saying


Andrew Minardi, Cerum Dental Supplies IT

"...it's because you're not afraid to stand by your product, you have nothing to worry about so you can let people try it out without question. Thanks a lot David, your software is truly a no B.S. product that does exactly what it says it will and keeps up to high production like it was made for it!"

Dr. Michael Gardam, Director of Infection Prevention, Toronto University Health Network

“Environmental services is not being recognized as the incredibly important patient safety initiative it is.”

Becky A. Miller, MD,NorthShore University HealthSystem

"The role of the environment was largely ignored by modern hospital epidemiologists until relatively recently."

A Few Customers We've Worked With

Accumed, Acutis Diagnostics, NHS Glidewell Labs, Cerum Dental, Merit Lab Partners, Radiology Oncology Centers, Haddenham Healthcare, Pathway Genomics




Entrusting the Future: The Healthcare Blockchain Ecosystem

According to Deloitte, the healthcare industry is planning the most aggressive deployments of blockchain, with 35 percent of health and life sciences planning to deploy by 2018. Deloitte found that 28 percent of respondents across all industries said they’d already invested $5 million or more, while 10 percent have invested $10 million or more in blockchain.

We are purposefully working to envision the healthcare environment of the future and how to improve infection prevention strategies. The HAIvia blockchain will empower the stakeholders in the HAI prevention cycle with a decentralized and trusted platform operating on-chain and off-chain. This hybrid approach will help to provide an auditable and affordable platform to the major stakeholders in the HAI ecosystem and improve patient safety and increase reimbursements.

Contact us to learn more about our infection prevention blockchain efforts and our work with blockchain technologists.