Why Haivia?

The HAIvia Platform

HAIvia Dashboard

The HAIvia Dashboard presents visual and numeric summaries of information about selected hospital or facility units. This includes HAI standardized infection ratios, HCAHPS/HAC scores, departmental data, and more. A familiar navigation tree allows users to easily view staff reporting structure and select a specific facility to monitor their key performance indicators (KPI). Add integrated online training and decision makers can reduce costs through corrective learning assignment. Not only can key personnel see their employees' learning history, they can also track such things as quality assessments and reviews. Tying quality assessments with our learning system allows managers to easily, and often automatically, assign employees to needed courses.   

HAIvia Space and ES Management

Manage your medical facility physical space by incorporating your computer-aided drawings and easily manage maintenance and housekeeper tasks with HAIvia Space and ES Management. Based on our integration of the popular CAFM Evolve™ platform, we can help you automate the creation, processing and closing of work requests/work orders. Use the simple color-coded room classification for a variety of purposes including identifying your hospital square footage usage by room types.  It is easy to learn and runs on a variety of platforms. Learn more about Space and Maintenance Management and Housekeeper Management features and the complete  HAIvia Dashboard visual analysis solution for infection prevention and improve reimbursements.

HAIvia Mobile

HAIvia Mobile can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data entry errors by automating task-related forms and reporting. Combining HAIvia Mobile with HAIvia Dashboard offers detailed analysis of the data providing actionable information to help in your fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and increase your Medicare Value-Based Purchasing incentive payments and insurance reimbursements. HAIvia Mobile practically eliminates the need for application training by using a familiar touchscreen interface with a variety of data entry tools. Use standard CDC inspection forms or design your own, enabling the capture of data most valuable to your organization in the fight against Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs).

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