Managing Space/Activity and Maintenance with HAIvia

Many Benefits of Computer Aided Space Management

Incorporating your Hospital Floor Plans into HAIvia Spaces

Assign Space Classes

Easily assign spaces to space classes to determine square footage usage  for reimbursement, team assignments, and asset management. 

Easily Identify Spaces

Easily identify specific room types with predefined selection themes.  Here all public restrooms are visible for easy selection, assignments, and scheduling of work orders. 

Assign Inventory to Rooms

Identify storage rooms and assign inventory with the rooms using our mobile applications. 

Plan Evacuation Routes

Plan evacuation routes. Easily update these for maximum safety and print and post.

Maintenance Management with HAIvia

HAIvia Spaces and Other Integrations

Inventory Management

Using mobile devices, hospital staff can scan storage room inventory  into the HAIvia Spaces modules allowing for optimal planning and automated  inventory ordering.

HAIVia Mobile

HAIvia Mobile can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data  entry errors by automating task-related forms and reporting. Various data forms can be integrated into space management.