About Us


HAIvia was created by a partnership with DocuFi and built on over 35 years' experience helping clients address business information overload. 

Turning Data into Infection Control

The HAIvia family of products captures and integrates your business information such as inspection reports, employee performance, inventory,  and facilities management with data from the Centers for Medicare and  Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a visual infection prevention analysis Dashboard. 

Increasing Value-Add and Reimbursements

HAIvia decodes and visualizes your CMS and infection prevention related data for optimal infection prevention and patient safety. Improved infection control and patient outcomes means increased value-add and reimbursements. 

News, Customers, and Partners

What's Going On

 See the latest company headlines and news affecting the HAI world. Read CIO Review's article about our CEO and HAIvia innovation. 

How We Are Helping Clients

Learn how some of our customers are using HAIvia to lower their HAI rates and increasing patient safety and reimbursements.


Read about the great technology partners we are working with to enhance your infection prevention data and knowledge.